• Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
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    Talent incubator

    Lack of talents has become the important factor in the development of software industry in our city. Although there are about tens of thousands of computer related professional graduates in Hubei universities each year, the students and their employers are in a awkward position with no project experience. How to cultivate the college students trained project experience and the actual beginning ability in the shortest possible time has become the top priority.

    In recent years, Hopu researches the software industry teaching and the requirements analysis of enterprise position, and it concludes that software teaching must ultimately go towards industrialization, students' classroom learning content and project needs to combine with enterprises. The teachers should be project managers or technicians who have experience in software development, the teaching mode should refer to the way of "enterprise simulation cabin" and guidance, in order to let college students learn practical ability, advanced software development technology and project ability during learning period, which make them become the practical software talents who master professional basis, practical technology and project practice experience out of the college, so they can take charge of a department alone in the software enterprises. 

    We refer the above process as the cultivation process of "talent incubator", and Hopu roots the industrialization cultivation of the software teaching process into implementation.