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    The leaders of Hubei science and technology college visited our company to check the practical train

    Release Time:2016-04-07 Origin:http://www.encouragedathome.com

      On the morning of March 31, 2016, the vice-president of Hubei science and technology college, Yian Song, the dean of the telecommunication engineering institute Jihong Zhao,the vice dean Wanggang and the director of the computer department Xiaoyan Chen visited our training center, and had a thorough understanding of the students’ internship and employment, and together with the relevant person in charge of WuhanHopu enterprise group, they explored the effective way of the profound college-enterprise integration.



       Wuhan Hopu enterprise group chairman Mr Xiangyang Chen and executive director Ms Jianzhen Wu attach great importance to the meeting, and they two attend the meeting. At the meeting, Lihong Kou made a detailed report to the project implementation, daily management and employment arrangements in the training center. Among the training students, 65 students of the enrollment of the year 2013 of computer application technology major (in the direction of software testing) of Hubei science and technology college were divided into implementation operation (16) and. NET development (49) to be trained. Students in the direction of implementation operation graduated in December 2015, and others in the direction of .NET development will be led by the employment guidance teacher of Jingning to be recommended for employment in Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other eight cities on April 5.




      After listening to the report, the leadership of Hubei science and technology college said they were satisfied and recognized with the training effect, technical quality, management mode in the center training, and the three things were paid most attention to, and they proposed to carry out the teaching and management mode in the training center to the college. Subsequently, the two sides carried on the thorough discussion on the construction of the provincial characteristic software technology major, school-enterprise cooperation and fusion development.

    Finally, the leadership of Hubei science and technology college thought highly of the training center. They hoped to realize resource sharing and cooperation development strategy with Wuhan Hopu enterprise group; and also, they hoped each staff of Hubei science and technology college could learn from the managers and supervisors in the training center project, adjust their teaching methods and means according to the needs of students timely, and do it according to their aptitude.