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    Executive vice President of Hopu carried out the seminar in four provinces’ IT forum

    Release Time:2016-04-26 Origin:http://www.encouragedathome.com

    The annual " higher vocational IT professional education forum of Hubei, Guangdong, Hunan and Guangxi " meeting was held on April 22 in Beihai city. Wuhan Hopu enterprise group executive vice president and chief technology officer Gaofe Weng, the marketing director of strategic development department Weiwei Li, the general manager of Hunan branch Mingjie Li and the general manager of Guangxi branch Gonghao were invited to party.
    The conference was hosted by information technology institute of vocational education in Hubei province teaching steering committee, the higher vocational college branch of computer institute of Guangdong province, Hubei province higher vocational computer kind professional research, and Guangxi higher education institute for vocational college computer professional committee, with co-organizer Beihai vocational college. It aimed at implementing the spirit of national work conference on vocational education and "talents strengthen province" and " talents revitalize the enterprise " strategy. It can enhance the mutual understanding between colleges and enterprise, make in-depth analysis on industry and enterprise needs, set accurate professional positioning goals, and build the cooperation innovation and technical exchange platform between enterprises and colleges as well as between colleges.

    "exploring the development advantages of software professional group of collectivization school-running ", shared successful cases with participants based on software professional group of collectivization school-running, which helped provide a feasible path in characteristic specialized software, in the report, he expounded the value of the development of Chinese vocational education collectivization school-running, professional group of the connotation of vocational education collectivization school-running, software professional group of collectivization school-running mode, software professional group of the collectivization school-running, which was praise by the attendees.


    The picture is Hopu executive vice president and chief technology officer Gaofei Weng


    The picture shows on-site IT forum seminar 

    In face of industry development, the change of market demand, the talent training innovation and many other factors, what can the colleges do to carry out teaching reform? How can the enterprises provide high quality service? The structural adjustment of the colleges "supply side" policy is a key for Hopu to provide in-depth university-enterprise cooperation, Hopu will joint the most outstanding enterprises and colleges in the IT industry, and provide customers with the most valuable products and services.


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