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    Manufacturing industry under the state council urged to merge with the Internet

    Release Time:2016-07-13 Origin:

     Manufacturing industry under the state council urged to merge with the Internet

    Bleach in Beijing recently, the state council issued "about deepening the manufacturing and the guidance of Internet integration development, deployment deepening integration development, manufacturing and Internet that means" made in China 2025 "and" Internet + "two strategic action will help promote and common development.

    "Opinions" pointed out that to stimulate the manufacturing enterprise innovation vigor, potential development and transformation of power as the main line, to the construction of "double gen" platform for manufacturing and the Internet fusion gripper, cultivate a new model for new forms, strengthen the information technology industry support, and so on.

    Goal is that by 2018, manufacturing key industries backbone enterprises Internet penetration rate reached 80%, the "double gen" platform to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing new kinetic energy sources; By 2025, strive to achieve "double gen" manufacturing and the Internet fusion system was basically complete, manufacturing comprehensive competition strength increased substantially.

    "Opinion" has been clear about the deepening the seven major tasks for the development of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion, including building manufacturing enterprise Internet "double gen" platform, promote Internet companies to build manufacturing "double gen" service system, support manufacturing enterprises and Internet enterprise cross-border fusion, cultivating new manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion model, to strengthen the fusion development foundation support, improving the capacity of integration development system solutions, improve the level of industrial information system security.